"Healing Hearts to Heal the World"


 Coaching, as well as Spiritual Guidance for individuals and couples committed to creating culture of love within their relationship(s) and throughout the world.


Also includes marital services.

Pink Love

Conversations, workshops, and more dedicated to empowering others through the lens of Pink Love.


  • Empowerment

  • Spiritual Development 

  • Intimate Partner Violence in LGBTQ Communities

  • Relationship Building,

  • LGBTQ Faith-Based Trauma

LGBTQ Faith Matters

A non-profit initiative dedicated to healing faith-based/spiritual trauma in LGBTQ Communities of Color. 

View our recent State of the LGBTQ Believer of Color symposium.

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Our spotlight on those using their life to create a culture of love throughout the world.

Pink Love Purveyors
My Approach

Becoming a vessel of PINK LOVE wasn't an easy process. The person I am today has survived addiction, family tragedy, sexual assault, depression, grief, divorce, religious trauma and domestic violence. Through each pit stop, I had my own "coming out" process. No longer could I stay in the darkness of each moment, I had to go through deep healing processes and get to know the new me. Today I understand the essentiality of healing of the heart chakra  as well as the need to practice a revolutionary level of self-love to shift one's paradigm towards wellness.

Dr. Renair Amin

I am a healer, writer, speaker, collaborator and advocate for justice/spiritual healing and harm reduction in the LGBTQIA+ faith community. Being a survivor of addiction, family tragedy, sexual assault and religious trauma has offered the depth and perseverance to pen four books. I hold a Doctor of Ministry degree, as well as a Master of Arts in Religious Education from New York Theological Seminary in addition to several coaching certifications from the World Coach Institute. Recently, I completed my training as an Interfaith Community Response Chaplain under the New York State Chaplaincy Task Force.

What is Pink Love  ?


PINK LOVE is the awareness and light that moves within the heart chakra intertwined with my own researched coaching methodology, lived experience and professional training.


Practicing heart-centered healing techniques


Instilling self-love to foster



Narrating a new story and experience


Knowing the need for spiritual connection within mind, body, spirit and soul.

We looked forward to our sessions with Renair, and almost spoke of them as "in-house date nights", where we would say, "Hey Babes, our session with Renair is tonight. Did we finish our homework?" Our time with Renair was a welcomed change to our routine, and gaining her perspective and words of wisdom truly helped us then, and continues to help us today.  

By S. 


Services are available online via various conferencing platforms. 

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