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Our Vibrant Journey

Mission Statement:

Pink Love Wellness, LLC, guided by Dr. Renair Amin, is committed to empowering and healing individuals and communities, with a focus on LGBTQ and communities of color. We foster self-love, relationship wellness, spiritual growth, and resilience through coaching, workshops, and specialized initiatives.

About Pink Love Wellness:

Founded by Dr. Renair Amin, an award-winning educator, speaker, and coach, Pink Love Wellness embodies a unique and vibrant approach to holistic well-being. At its core, Pink Love Wellness operates on the PINK philosophy: Practice heart-centered healing techniques, Instill self-love, Narrate a new story, and Know the spiritual connection within mind, body, spirit, and soul.

Born from a blend of researched coaching methodologies, rich lived experiences, and professional training, Pink Love Wellness offers an array of services that focus on relationship wellness, empowerment, LGBTQ faith-based healing, and more. Dr. Amin's personal journey of overcoming addiction, trauma, and adversity fuels the empathetic and transformative energy that permeates all aspects of Pink Love Wellness.

The Pink Love Pillars, foundational principles that guide the practice, are a testament to the organization's commitment to compassionate awareness, transformative practice, holistic healing, empowered living, and inclusive connection.

From individual coaching sessions to workshops, podcasts, and community engagement, Pink Love Wellness is more than a service provider; it's a movement, a sanctuary, and a beacon of love and transformation. By embracing Pink Love Wellness, clients embark on a profound journey toward joy, purpose, and profound well-being.

Join us and discover the world of Pink Love Wellness, where every step is a celebration of growth, healing, and the beautiful power of human connection.


About Renair Amin:

Dr. Renair Amin is an acclaimed educator, international speaker, coach, and author, specializing in relationship wellness, LGBTQ faith-based trauma, and empowerment. With academic degrees from New York Theological Seminary, she founded Pink Love Wellness, LLC and the platform LGBTQ Faith Matters. An ordained reverend as of July 2023 and Ms. Exquisite Full-Figured U.S.A. At-Large 2021, she also serves as a PFLAG NYC Safe Schools speaker and board treasurer for Parity NYC. Dr. Amin's multifaceted approach resonates globally, offering holistic services that foster personal growth, spiritual development, and community transformation.

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