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About Me


Becoming a vessel of healing wasn't an easy process, but I knew I needed to do something.  I could no longer stay in the darkness of life’s most challenging moments so I chose PINK LOVE.

Just to reiterate, I am a healer, writer, speaker, collaborator and advocate for justice/spiritual healing in the LGBTQIA+ faith community. And in some respects, I humbly add -- a Thought Leader. I am blessed to be a teacher within the LGBTQ faith community, and look forward to continue that path as life evolves. And evolve, it has. In 2020, I began teaching about LGBTQ Faith-Based Trauma to various organizations and government agencies; and in 2021, SocietyX partnered with me to teach classes on relationships and intimacy.


Through my PINK LOVE workshops and training, I assist clients and communities to work through and heal trauma. Myself, being a survivor of addiction, family tragedy, sexual assault and religious trauma, has offered me the depth to also pen four books – Mental Silhouette; Domestically Cursed: A Story on Partnership Violence; Pit Crew: How to Survive a Spiritual Pit Stop; and Come with Me, Love: A 21-Day Journey into the Song of Solomon for Couples.

As an empowerment coach, I have had the privilege of speaking across the nation guiding others to find P.I.N.K LOVE in their lives. Known for my conversations regarding having a "Pit Crew," I believe those in your circle can help make or break a goal.  A PFLAG volunteer speaker in schools across New York, I am committed to fighting bullying in the lives of LGBTQ youth and young adults. 


Believe it or not -- In 2018, I was honored to receive the title while participating in a pageant: “Miss Full-Figured USA Miss Congeniality." The next thing on my list was to capture the Ms. Exquisite Full-Figured USA At-Large crown representing the beautiful state of New York which I accomplished in July 2021 along with two other prestigious honors.


I hold a Doctor of Ministry degree, and a Master of Arts in Religious Education from New York Theological Seminary. I also completed my training as an Interfaith Community Response Chaplain under the New York State Chaplaincy Task Force.

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