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Quin Williams, Founder/Owner/CEO

Today, we honor Quin Williams as a Pink Love Purveyor. I have been fortunate to be a follower of Quin on social media. Her spirit shines through every post. Her commitment to healing the LGBTQ community as well as her love of the spoken word has warmed my heart. I am proud to have her as one of our honorees.

💕Hi, Quin! Thank you for sharing your story with us. Please tell everyone “a lot a bit” about yourself.

I am a Lesbian survivor of a long-term domestic abuse relationship of 6 years born and raised in Charlotte, NC. I am a lover of all things and the Founder/Owner/CEO of Quin Knows Inc., an LGBTQ nonprofit organization geared towards creating awareness, and assisting those within the LGBTQ community who have and are experiencing domestic abuse/violence by being a center of resources while serving the community.

💕I, too, am a survivor of domestic violence. It is always amazing to me when I see people transmute their pain to empowerment to fuel their journey. Please share, what have you been doing within your community to help with their self or personal care?

In order to help our community with self or personal care, I have used social media as a platform of a constant reminder that they are not alone. I have also, through my nonprofit, welcomed a lovely minister and ally, Sabrina Nichole, who has offered her skill sets to service our community as Mental Specialist for Quin Knows. Social media has been the primary platform for getting this information out and letting everyone know that we are here to guide them. Along with offering counseling for free through my organization, Sabrina Nichole, was kind enough to prepare a mental health article with resources and encouragement for all. The Sunflower is the title of the official newsletter of Quin Knows and you mush subscribe via our website to receive it monthly. Sabrina is now our permanent Columnist for Quin Knows’ mental health column, “MATTER OF THE HEART with SABRINA.”

💕Congratulations! Mental health support is imperative during this time. Quin, what inspired you to do the Work that you are doing within your community during this time or were you already doing this Work?

I was already doing this work before this time. All of my inspiration came from my own experiences. Being a lesbian woman, and survivor of domestic abuse/violence, forced to isolate and heal alone, lacking knowledge of resources, and realizing how slim our resources truly are is what inspired me to start my organization. It is my duty to turn my pain into purpose and make sure that I create an umbrella of resources and safety for all who are experiencing and survivors of domestic abuse/violence within our LGBTQ+ community. It is long overdue that we shine the light in this dark space so that awareness and healing can take place for all in need of such.

💕Yes, it is long overdue, so thank you. With all that you do, what occupies your days?

To occupy my days, I spend a lot of time networking, organizing, and researching so that I may understand how I can help my community. Balance is important, so I also meditate every morning to stay grounded, take calming walks in the sun (or rain), and cook amazing southern meals.

💕Especially in today’s climate, balance is absolutely important. It is easy so burn out or become overwhelmed with all that is going on. Can people join or support your efforts? If so, how?

People can support my efforts by spreading the word, following my nonprofit page on IG/FB @QUINKNOWSLGBTQ, going to my website, QUINKNOWSLGBTQ.ORG, and signing up for my newsletter, most importantly, support me financially! Much of what is done has come out of my own pocket. I feel that in time, and with earning our community’s trust and respect, donations will be given, and I will be able to expand. Information regarding how to donate can be found on our website. We are always doing things to assist those within our community. I am currently working on a fundraiser for TIME OUT YOUT, which is one of my favorite organizations in Charlotte, NC, which serves our LGBTQ+ youth.

💕Beautiful! This is a great work, so I pray funding pours in providing you with what you need. Do you have a series, book, podcasts or other form of entertainment that you would like to recommend? If yes, why?

I have two podcasts! One is specifically for my nonprofit and is called CHATS WITH QUIN, it can be found on most platforms. I don’t post to it often, but when I do, it’s to highlight issues within the LGBT+ community, allies, and demonstrate what love is through positive interviews with those who can speak on matters that I cannot to help us better understand one another. I also have a podcast that I released on June 6th called WORDGASMS PODCAST. It is a sensual poetry podcast that features indie artists from all over the country, poetry readings by me from submissions from other poets, spoken word Eps, and dope vibes not for the weak at heart. It is for the grown, sexy, mature, and is LGBTQ+ friendly and safe. It can be found on ANCHOR, and more platforms in the future. You can find it on IG at @WORDGASMSPODCAST.

💕This is awesome! You are a phenomenal spoken word artist as well so, I am personally encouraging others to tune in. Before you go, Quin, let the people know how they can stay in touch with you?

People can stay in touch with me via social media, subscribing to my website for updates and The Sunflower newsletter, and email: INFO@QUINKNOWSLGBTQ.ORG.

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