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Michelle Antoinette Nelson, Artist, Organizer, and Innovator

Today, we honor Michelle Antoinette Nelson as a Pink Love Purveyor. I met Michelle a.k.a. Love the Poet many years ago. I had the pleasure of meeting her during my time as a spoken word artist. She was also a feature at Speak Your Myne, an open mic that I used to curate in Harlem. Her talent and commitment to her community is a blessing to watch. I've seen her grow and succeed with every step that she takes, and am honored to have this opportunity.

💕Hi, Love! Please tell the people “a lot a bit” about you.

I am the CEO and Founder of Brown and Healthy, a global initiative that focuses on community engagement, strategic design for the creation of equitable spaces, and wellness curation for people of African Descent. I am a capacity builder, strategist, organizer, artist, innovator, and cutting-edge connector who bridges community, creative practice, and equity, exposing the voices of the unheard and underrepresented. I have moderated thought-provoking panels for Labs at Light City and Afropunk and I have been featured in Forbes Magazine for my social justice work.

💕I'm loving this strong and energetic vibe that you emit! How have you been trying to maintain that energy, and what kind of self-care techniques do you make sure you implement day-to-day? Are you holding up OK?

I have been holding up. I think the first thing we have to do is make sure we are strong enough and determined enough to take that first step and that is to "hold up." Self-care is absolutely how to do that. I take time to meditate daily through breathing exercises, reading books that force me into introspection and deep thought about my journey, and through physical exercise. I will be 40 years old in January and I believe that starting a practice of being fit for everyday living, which right now is more trying than ever, is the most important thing I can do for my happiness and my health moving into this next phase of my life. I also spend a lot of great quality time with my beautiful fiancè, Ashley and love is where the purest light of existence exists.

💕Absolutely! Tell me more about how have helped your community with their self or personal care?

My company Brown and Healthy launched the Brown and Healthy social network in April to foster a partnership and networking environment for people of African descent who want to expand their reach, enhance their skills; and bolster community, conversation, and connection throughout the African Diaspora. We have over 1000 people on the network and it is a powerful community of people who are helping each other through what the first half of 2020 has brought our way.

💕Thank you so much for sharing! I hope you continue to stay safe, and as always stay strong. For the rest of y'all, you can find her at @lovethepoet and @brownandhealthy on Instagram.

This article was written with the editorial assistance of Nishka Seth.

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