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Hannika Shellings, Paradigm Shifter

Today, we honor Hannika Shellings as a Pink Love Purveyor. A Pink Love Purveyor is someone committed to bringing a culture of love to the world during challenging times. I have had the privilege of watching Hannika through her work with Leaders in Pink. I am in awe of her and how she shows up in the world:

“Hannika Shellings is a true ‘Paradigm Shifter’ who pridefully has a passion for the investment and development of human capital.

Born in Charleston, WV, and raised in Daytona Beach, FL, Hannika knows firsthand the importance of shifting one's paradigm and mindset to reach full self-potential. Growing up, Hannika dealt with emotional childhood trauma, depression, adoption, juvenile mischief, and home abandonment. She had no idea that these challenges would soon become the catalyst to her current passion and mission.

Her personal challenges lead her to a 30-day jail sentence at age 18, which became the pivotal point she needed to become her “Greater Self”. After being released from jail, she was able to pursue and achieve her BA and MA degree from Florida International University in Miami, FL. She then began her professional career in hospitality and tourism within luxury hotel properties. During this time, she worked diligently up the career ladder, becoming a director, which allowed her to train, manage and develop hundreds of individuals during her hotel tenure.

Hannika’s passion for service and travel was undeniable; however, her heart yearned for something greater. She soon decided to utilize her acquired business acumen and skills to build her own organization that would develop young women of today into effective leaders of tomorrow through social and emotional skill development – Leaders in Pink.

Leaders in Pink provides a holistic development program for young women in grades 6-12 through interactive workshops, community service and social events. The program was established in 2017, and piloted in Booker T. Middle School in Sarasota, FL.

Hannika’s vision for Leader’s in Pink is far greater than one can imagine. The program currently operates in her hometown, Daytona Beach, FL, where there is a greater need. Her childhood struggle, humiliation, vulnerability, and overcoming has allowed her to gain a genuine connection with the young women in the community.

As a natural humanizer and empathic investor in human capital, Hannika looks to expand the Leaders in Pink brand into a dynamic haven that provides services and outreach for, both, young and older women. Her journey and mission for Leaders in Pink has just begun.”

💕Blessings, Hannika! Thank you for taking time out to talk with us. How have you been holding up during the present climate?

Honestly, I have been maximizing the down time during COVID-19. I have continued to invest in myself spiritually, mentally, and physically, more than ever. I respect this time that the universe has allowed us to slow down and reset, so I'm utilizing the time to return to the outside world better than I left.

Maximizing my time consists of, cleansing spiritually and physically through self-time, exercise and reading. Also, motivating my young women in Leaders in Pink to do the same by way of example, and constant communication.

💕I can absolutely agree. Over time, I, too, have found that I will be returning to the outside world “better than I left.” It is something I never could have imagined. Speaking of Leaders in Pink, could you share with us more about what you been doing within your community to help with their self or personal care?

My contribution to the community during this time has been through virtual social and emotional intelligence workshops within other organizations, as well as my own. Social and emotional intelligence is the foundation of Leaders in Pink; however, it's a paramount topic for all during such perilous times. Facilitating the tools and knowledge within our community to not only mentally supersede COVID-19, but to also prepare for the new-norm post COVID- 19 has been my primary focus.

💕Can people join or support your efforts? If so, how?

Leaders in Pink is a movement for all women. Support can be given by way of an IG follow (@hannikiss), volunteering, volunteer speaking, or virtual mentoring.

💕Great! I have been witnessing your work and I hope to one day be able to come and support. What do you do to occupy your days?

Workout, cook, read and work on projects for Leaders in Pink!

💕Honestly, I am still getting the workout part together. "Soon Come, as my friend would say." Considering the present climate, what tips would you offer for those that may find themselves struggling through these tough times?

My mantra for COVID-19 is, " Be the Shift, Not Shifted". This means that we must learn how to be a part of the positive change that is taking place for the greater mission within ourselves and the world. This includes shifting our paradigm on what appears negative and unchangeable, learning how to adapt, investing in self-care and helping others. We cannot allow COVID-19 to shift our mental state. This is why it's important to put mental health first to preclude becoming engulfed in negative thoughts, trends and worries. The shift starts within!

To stay connected to Hannika:

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